Lawtrac Matter Management
brings the legal department under control.

Do you have a handle on your legal spend? Do you know what you're spending on each matter? On each type of matter? Do you know if you're getting your money's worth?

Lawtrac gives you instant answers, even to questions you never thought to ask. How efficient is our workflow? How can we improve it? What processes underlie each matter types? Where are the bottlenecks? Read More

Lawtrac e-Billing
gets you closer to your outside law firms

With Lawtrac e-Billing, all law firm invoices come in electronically, making it easier for your outside firms to submit them—and for you to review them. You can see how much any given matter is costing you, and exactly what you're getting for your money. You can set budget and expense guidelines for every firm on every matter. And you can make sure those guidelines are observed. Errors are flagged automatically. Billing disputes are avoided. Read More

Lawtrac Contract Management
streamlines the entire contract process

Having trouble keeping track of all your contracts? Lawtrac's contract management component gives you control of the whole process-parties, locations, action items, key dates, both on paper and electronically. Each executed contract is scanned into the central document repository, where it's instantly accessible, searchable, and linked to any relevant matters. Automatic email notices remind all affected parties of any trigger event in any contract. Read More

Lawtrac lets you run the department
from one online suite

Each Lawtrac function is built into a single integrated online system that's completely configurable to your needs. Document and records management, e-billing and expense management, contract management, legal hold management-they're all right there at the click of a mouse. Read More

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